The Showcase Schools program is designed to bring educators together to collaborate and talk openly about shared successes and struggles in our schools. Principals and teacher leaders intentionally start Showcase visits by sharing their school’s journey and cycles of learning in order to provide richer context, deepen personal connections with visitors, and paint a more nuanced picture of their practices. The stories shared build a sense of community and serve to connect visitors of various roles, backgrounds and experience levels. By coaching and supporting our schools to tell stories about their practices in this way, host schools are able to empower others looking to spark similar change in their schools. To learn more about Showcase Schools and storytelling, see the videos and resources below and here.

*NEW * The Power of Stories in Professional Learning

This film was created to support those interested in unpacking the “why” and the “how” of storytelling in professional learning. Our hope is that it can inspire and support you to use storytelling as a means of connection in your own work. In this film you will hear why and see how four principals tell their stories.

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*NEW* Principal Stories

2017 Showcase StoryLab Event

2016 Showcase Story Slam