visitor experience


“This day was the best Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) professional development I have received thus far. Being able to visit classrooms and be a part of break out sessions that actually showed the practicality of CRE was invaluable.”

Classroom Teacher visiting 11X127

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“I plan to talk to our department heads to get more people to this Showcase. The whole day was so thoughtfully designed and helpful. I got so much out of the  classroom visits in particular.”

Principal visiting 06M209

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“Seeing all of this in action was so helpful. Not just someone telling us to do it, but seeing it done.”

Classroom Teacher visiting 26Q031

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“After my last visit we implemented a lot of what I learned. Today I brought five teachers. We will go back to debrief and decide what we will continue to change. I plan on bringing another set of teachers to a future Showcase.”

Math Coach visiting 09X294

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“I attended this Showcase last year and since then I have implemented a morning meeting daily with structures and routines I learned. I came to another visit [at this school] to learn the next steps. Now that this is comfortable, what else can I add to my toolbox?”

Classroom Teacher visiting 06M314

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“This Showcase visit helped adjust my focus from quantity to quality of work.”

Classroom Teacher visiting 31R440

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