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2017-18 Showcase Fellows at our Summer Convening

The Showcase Schools program is designed to recognize and share promising practices across New York City Department of Education schools. The Showcase Fellows program seeks to acknowledge teachers with leadership qualities from each Showcase School and bring them together as a cohort of Fellows to develop their knowledge of adult learning and leadership skills. With the support of the Showcase team, Fellows will hone these skills by designing and facilitating Showcase activities and by developing and curating artifacts that help Showcase participants continue their learning.

“We have refined our LFA over the course of the school year, which has led us to reflect on our work and how the different grades and content areas share best practices. It has allowed us to refocus our work and draw connections we would not have otherwise.”


“Being a part of Showcase Schools has been a great experience. My coworkers and I have enjoyed sharing promising practices and receiving feedback. We have grown and learned so much because of Showcase and look forward to a long future with the program.”


“The support and feedback that we have received from the entire Showcase team, especially [our Showcase Director], has eased any worry or concerns we had along the way. This is the best experience that we both have had in the past 15 years working for the DOE. You and your team have supported us throughout every step of this process. You all have made something that initially seemed daunting attainable and easy to implement. Going into our Showcase visits we feel at ease and confident in the work that we do, and that is due to your support.”


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