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Empathy and Community

Questions are More Important Than Answers

Castle Bridge is an inclusive, dual language, progressive, and integrated elementary school in Upper Manhattan. With a diverse student body that reflects a wide range of learning styles, its mission is to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy, reflecting the richness of its community.

Brooklyn New School uses hands-on experiences within an intentionally diverse community as the basis for their authentic learning approach. From a field trip to the school basement, to "green recess," to a robotics programming class, this preK- 5 school provides a curriculum rich in creative inquiry, where student agency is honored and students' questions are considered more important than the answers.

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Creating Shared Experiences

Making Thinking Visible

Student Voice

The Work of Play

Thinking and Writing

Developing Literacy

A Culture of Reading

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*New* The Power of Stories in Professional Learning

This film was created to support those interested in unpacking the “why” and the “how” of storytelling in professional learning. Our hope is that it can inspire and support you to use storytelling as a means of connection in your own work. In this film you will hear why and see how four principals tell their stories.

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2017 StoryLab Event

2016 Showcase Story Slam